Monday, September 14, 2015

Schedule of Thursday Assignments

Latin IV Honors Thursday Assignments, 2015-2016

(Please Note that the dates after 5 November have changed)

17 Sept 15  Translate Catullus B "Lesbia's Special Qualities" p. 111 & Catullus D "No Greater Love" p. 113

24 Sept 15  Translate Catullus C "Catullus' Hope For The Future" p. 113 & Catullus E "A Woman's Words" p. 113

1 Oct 15  Translate Catullus F "Catullus' Love For Lesbia" p. 115 & Catullus G "Conflicting Feelings" p. 115

8 Oct 15  Read p.125,  & translate A "The Value Of Friendship" from Cicero's De Amicitia p. 127

15 Oct 15  Translate B "What Is Friendship" from Cicero's De Amicitia p. 129 & 131

21 Oct 15  TEST on Catullus & Cicero's De Amicitia

29 Oct 15 Translate Pliny A "A Rescue Attempt" p. 297

5 Nov 15 Translate Pliny A "A Rescue Attempt" p. 299 & B "At Pompanianus' Villa" (thru l. 19) p. 301  

19 Nov 15 Translate Pliny B "At Pompanianus' Villa" p. 301(l. 19 -l. 24) & C "Disaster Comes Closer" p. 303 (l. 25 thru l. 30)

3 Dec 15 Translate Pliny C "Disaster Comes Closer" p. 303 (l. 31 thru l. 39)

10 Dec 15 Translate Pliny D "The End" p. 305  

17 Dec 15 TEST on "The Death Of Pliny The Elder"

21 Jan 15 Translate Horace C "Carpe Diem" p. 253

28 Jan 16 Translate Horace B "Soracte" pp. 247 & 249

4 Feb 16 Translate Horace B "Soracte" p. 251 & complete "Questions for thought & discussion" p. 251

25 Feb16 Translate Horace "Cleopatra" pp. 183 & 185 

3 Mar 16 Translate Horace "Cleopatra" p. 187

10 Mar 16 TEST on Horace

17 Mar 16 Translate Asconius A "Clodius & Milo . . . "  pp. 141 & 143

24 Mar 16 Translate Asconius B "The Murder Of Clodius" p. 145

31 Mar 16 Translate Cicero A "The Setting of the Murder" p. 151

7 Apr 16 Translate Cicero B "On The Appian Way" p. 153

14 Apr 16 Translate Cicero C "The Attack" p. 155 & Cicero D "Clodius' Death" p.157

28 Apr 16 TEST on "A Political Murder"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Don't Lose Ecce Romani III, Do Lose Vis-Ed cards

Keep This Book
The Ecce Romani III book has NOT been discontinued for the Latin IV classes, although it has for Latin III.  Fourth year students will have weekly assignments from Ecce Romani III (more on this soon).

Please do return the Vis-Ed Latin Vocabulary cards; we discontinued them two years ago, but they somehow snuck back onto the booklist this year.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Syllabus 2015-2016




-to read and comprehend the works of authors from the Classical period through the
present;  students will focus on AP passages from Caesar and Vergil in the second semester.
-to deepen mastery of Latin grammar.
-to analyze the structure and content of the written Latin of Classical authors.
-to better understand the English language by examining Latin's influence upon it.
-to better understand modern literature, society, and culture by examining the influence
of classical literature, society, and culture upon it.

Tests: 35%
Quizzes: 35%
Homework/Participation: 30%

Tests: There will be 3-4 full period tests each semester. Students will be
notified at least one week in advance. Major projects count as a test grade.

Quizzes: There will be frequent 5-10 minute quizzes throughout the year, covering both grammatical topics and readings.  Students will always be notified at least one day in advance. 

Homework: There will be a homework assignment almost every night. Assignments are either written work, translation or study/preparation for a graded activity (test, quiz, report, etc.) the following day. Missing assignments must be made up before the end of each quarter.

Participation: Since reading and discussing the work of Latin authors will form the greater part of the class work as the year progresses, a record will be kept of  how often each student reads or translates in class. Voluntary participation counts twice as much as involuntary participation.

Readings: Latin IV Honors students will have a series of extra readings, due every Thursday (click on Readings Icon at for links and dates).

Project: Each semester students may prepare either a project or formal paper, the substance of which they may be asked to share with the class as an oral report. They may also be asked to provide a photocopied outline for each of their classmates. Due dates and other details will be specified in a written assignment sheet.

Extra Help: Consultation day is Friday. Please let me know during the day if you would like extra help on another day.

Class materials:
    1) Ecce Romani III – textbook
    2) Teacher hand-outs
    3) Latin/English dictionary
    4) one spiral notebook, one three-ring binder (see above), a supply of loose-leaf paper
    5) Online resources & Class Blog:

National Latin Exam: All students will take the National Latin Exam during the second week of March 2011.