Monday, May 16, 2016

Review Sheet Aeneid I 1-33

Hon. LATIN III/IV                                        NOMEN:__________________________


Aeneid I: 1-33, the introduction               DATUM:__________________________

  1. How would you describe the purpose or function of the following sections:

    1. lines 1-7

    1. lines 8-11

    1. lines 12-18

    1. lines 19-28

    1. lines 29-32

    1. line 33

  1. Find examples of the following stylistic devices in the text – identify them and define the terms (use the textual notes!).

    1. metonymy
    2. enallage
    3. anastrophe

  1. The first few words of the poem would have reminded Vergil’s listeners of the Greek epics by Homer, the Odyssey and the Iliad – why do you think Vergil would have wanted his readers (or listeners) to make that connection?

  1. Carthage was actually founded about four centuries after the fall of Troy – why might Vergil want to introduce it here?

  1. Which one line do you think best serves as a “thesis statement” expressing the theme of the Aeneid?  Why?

  1. Scan lines 19-22

Iudicium Paridis

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